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    Motion Design
    Creation of animated graphic content and videos, including logos, text and visual effects.
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    Web Apps
    Forget spreadsheets, hello efficiency. Your dream app, built just for you.
  • /02
    Development of a unique and memorable logo
  • /03
    Brand Identity
    Brand elements: colour palette, fonts, graphics
  • /04
    Design of banners, ads and other materials for online and offline advertising
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    Graphic Design
    Eye-catching visuals that tell your brand's story, loud and clear
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    Web Development
    Websites that convert clicks to customers, beautifully crafted from scratch.
  • /07
    Mobile Apps
    Creation of high-quality, relevant content that engages visitors
  • /08
    Social Media Templates
    Design of graphic materials for social media - TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.
  • /09
    Video and Photo Shooting
    Stop telling, start showing. We'll craft visuals that move mountains
How it works?
Unlimited expert design, focused flow, daily updates - subscribe for your design dream team, requests & feedback included.
step 1
Our subscription unleashes your design dream team for expert projects, focused flow, and endless requests

Clients can choose a plan that suits them and submit a technical brief by filling out a form, sending a video message, or scheduling a call with a specialist.

The expert familiarises themselves with the brief and determines the deadline.

step 2
get your design on time
Stay informed with real-time task updates and projected completion times, and share your feedback after delivery.

Then, the work process begins according to the determined timeline.

If the client wishes, they can discuss the design with the specialist assigned to them and suggest any changes that are required.

step 3
After the tasks are completed, you will have the opportunity to leave feedback for improvement.

Once the client is satisfied with the results, we send the source files that can be used in the work and proceed to the next task.

After that, within the agreed- upon deadline, the client receives the finished design that meets the initial task.

We are a team of creative professionals, specialised in crafting cross-platform, multidisciplinary solutions with an expertise in motion graphic design UI/UX and brand identity, web, mobile development .We seek to deliver high quality service for any creative task on subscription basis

Motion Design


UI/UX Design


Brand Identity


Graphic Design



Any creative task.
Branding, websites, animations, oh my!
We're the one-stop shop for all your design desires.
"Perfection in every frame, harmony in every movement" —

Our team obsesses over every detail, delivering consistent, high-quality designs through the flexibility and expertise
Diversity of experience and skills
Our subscription unleashes your design dream team for expert projects, focused flow, and endless requests.
Flexibility and
In case of changes in the volume of work or the appearance of new tasks, you can quickly attract additional designers.
Time and
cost efficiency
A team can work on multiple projects simultaneously and can distribute tasks to the most qualified members
Teamwork can foster the emergence of new ideas & better solutions through the exchange of experience and knowledge.
With a design team, unexpected absences don't disrupt the flow. Teammates cover for each other, maintaining consistent quality.
Lack of risk of dependence
In the event of an employee's departure or change of circumstances, the company can still continue to receive services from other team members.
Options for everyone.
Graphic Design Services.
  • 1x Graphic Designer.
  • 1x Dedicated project manager
  • 1x Art director’s review
  • One task is performed at a time
  • Designer deliverables
  • Unlimited number of tasks
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited users
  • Turnaround time 1-3 days
  • Delivery is estimated after approval
Most Popular
Video Design & Motion Graphics.
  • 1x Designer
  • 1x Motion Designer
  • 1x Marketing specialist review
  • 1x Dedicated project manager
  • 1x Art director’s review
  • One task at a time
  • Individual solution
  • Unlimited graphic animation
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited users
  • Turnaround time 1-3 days
Complex Projects on Demand
  • Up to 10 Specialists working on the Project.
  • One task is performed at a time
  • Individual solution
  • Unlimited graphic animation
  • Unlimited UX design user interface
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Participation of the art director
  • Participation of the marketing specialist
  • Unlimited number of tasks
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited users
  • Delivery is estimated after approval

Frequently Asked

Logos & Branding:

Unique logo development. Brand identity and guidelines.

Brand Identity:

Brand elements: colour palette, fonts, graphics.

Branding standards for consistent use.

Social Media Templates:

Design of graphic materials for various platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube).

Website Design:

Development of visual content for websites.

Advertising Materials:

Design banners, ads, and other materials for online & offline advertising.

UI/UX Design:

User interface design for websites, apps, and digital products.

Includes the work of two specialists on one task, who work in parallel, the designer draws the materials, the motion designer animates the finished material.

Motion Graphics

Creation of animated graphic elements for video, including logos, text, and visual effects.

Video Templates

Design custom video templates or adapt existing ones from our library.

Visual Effects

Making of various animations, effects, and transitions to create dynamic and engaging video content.

Design of Titles and Subtitles

Creation of stylish and readable titles for videos, including intros and conclusions.

Color Correction and Grading

Adjusting the colour balance, saturation, and brightness of the video to achieve a specific visual effect.

Animated Logos

We bring your company logo to life with animation, perfect for adding to your video content.

Promotional Videos

Development of short video clips to advertise products, services, or events.

Musical accompaniment and sound design

Adding background music, sound effects, and sound processing to improve the atmosphere of the video.

Creating animated transitions

Developing creative animated transitions between scenes or video elements.

Infographics and animated statistics

Representing data and statistics in the form of animated graphs, charts, and infographics.

Creating trailers and commercials

Developing attractive trailers for movies, TV shows, or products.

Video presentations

Creating professional video presentations for business or educational purposes.

Training videos and webinars

Preparing video materials for training and educational programs.

Here are some additional details about the services:

The team of two specialists works together to create the best possible product. The designer creates the static elements, such as logos and text, and the motion designer animates them. The price of the services is $15,000 per month. The services can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, education, and entertainment.

You can send us as many design requests as you want, and we will process them one by one in the queue. If you are not satisfied with any of the design concepts, you can request as many changes as you want. You will never be charged more than the subscription fee.

In order to tell you how long it will take to complete your task, we need to prepare a technical task specifically for your task. A specialist will process your request within 24 hours and determine the deadline for the specific task.

By subscribing to our design subscription, you can rest assured knowing that we will take care of project management for all your design needs. A dedicated project manager with experience in design project management will join your team to oversee, consolidate, and create tasks or creative briefs for our designers to work on. Trust us to manage the project and focus on the creative journey with us!

If you decide to pause your subscription to avoid paying for it unnecessarily, you can do so at any time in your personal account. Subscription payments are made on a monthly basis. Therefore, pausing the billing cycle will stop the next bill from being charged. For example, if you decide to pause your subscription on the 20th of the month, this means that the service will be stopped from the 1st of the following month.

All the work done is done only for you. You own all intellectual property rights to the work done. Therefore, you can use it at your own discretion.

Your success is our goal. Whether it’s a website, logo design, motion graphics or marketing strategy? We're here to help.

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